Vanity Fair Awards Insider – The Golden Globes Stage a Comeback

The Golden Globes Stage a Comeback

Hollywood loves a comeback story, but is this town ready for the return of the Golden Globes?

I’m Rebecca Ford, and I spent the past few days talking to awards, talent, and studio publicists about the likelihood that the Golden Globes—the annual awards show thrown by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association—will return to NBC this awards season. As we all know, the HFPA has spent the past year and a half implementing major changes to its membership and practices after a Los Angeles Times investigation revealed a startling lack of diversity among its ranks and questionable and unethical behavior by its members.

Over the past few days, reports have surfaced that the HFPA and NBC are deep in talks to strike a new deal for the awards broadcast. While nothing official has been announced, the news has sparked talk around town about what will happen once the show does return.

As I explore in my piece over at Awards Insider, there’s a major divide among the Hollywood gatekeepers. One faction still feels very strongly that not enough concrete action has been taken to bring about real change, while another group feels that real work has been done and it’s time to allow the HFPA to put on the show that’s such a vital part of the awards ecosystem. Others have taken a wait-and-see approach, which very much hinges on the telecast deal.

So will the talent show up when the show returns early next year? The answer seems to be that most probably will, but not all. As with most things in Hollywood, there won’t ever be a general consensus, especially among the personal talent representatives. The sources I spoke to indicated that the studios are much more open to getting the show back, which makes sense since the Globes are, if nothing else, a key part of the awards ecosystem, historically providing a boost to films in the Oscar race. Will A-list stars who are expected to take part in this awards season, such as Tom Cruise (who returned his three Globes at the start of the boycott), choose to skip out on next year’s show? That remains to be seen.

But enough about far-off, distant events that won’t take place until 2023. Today marks the first day of Emmy voting, which runs through August 22. And this week we spoke with several nominees who do their work behind the camera, including the three nominated directors from Succession and Barry’s cinematographer. If I’ve learned anything from reporting my piece this week about the HFPA, it’s that in Hollywood, most of the moving and shaking—and sometimes magic—takes place behind the cameras.

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