Tall ship ‘Libertad’ calls in to Ireland’s largest port

THE ARA Libertad called into Dublin Port for a brief visit to Ireland, sailing recently from off the coast of County Mayo to the country’s largest port and docking at Berth 18 near the 3Arena.

The Argentine Tall Ship Libertad sailed into Dublin Port as part of a training and cultural visit to the country’s largest harbour

Marie Florentin (left) and Maria Fernandez, wife of Embassy of Argentina in Ireland Counsellor Juan Andres Taccetti at a reception to welcome the Libertad

Abel and Alma Vexina Wilkinson and Libertad Midshipman Yamil Villasante Velarde (right) to welcome the Tall Ship’s arrival to Dublin Port

Alferez Marker of the Argentine Air Force (l-r), Lieutenant Colonel (Argentina, retired) Leo Mauritio and Mr Ricardo Corbacho, who sported a tie emblazoned with the symbols of Ireland’s famous GPO (General Post Office)

Eoin Wilson (l-r) Dublin City Deputy Lord Mayor Darcy Lonergan and Donall Geoghegan aboard the Libertad

The Libertad last visited Dublin in November 2019 and was open to the public for the first time since the pandemic following a reception to welcome the world’s largest Tall Ship. The reception on board the 340-foot frigate, commanded by Carlos Pedro Schavinsky Trinchero and captained by Guillermo Figueredo was attended by Dublin Lord Mayor Caroline Conroy, who was joined by Harbour Master Captain Michael McKenna and Irish Defence Forces Brigadier General Anthony Cudmore and the Embassy of Argentina in Ireland.

Irish Defence Forces Brigadier General Anthony Cudmore, pictured aboard the Libertad with Ambassador of Argentina to Ireland Moira Wilkinson

Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy and the city’s First Gentleman, Donal Geoghegan at a reception aboard the Tall Ship Libertad

The Libertad’s Commandant Carlos Pedro Schavinsky Trinchero (left) and Dublin Port Harbour Master Captain Michael McKenna

William Brown from Foxford, Co Mayo Ireland became the first naturalised Admiral of the Argentine Navy in its infancy

An ARA (Armada of the Republic of Argentina) training vessel for the Argentine navy, the ship serves as a school that forms part of the last year of training for Argentinian midshipmen and women at sea for more than five months of the year. The Libertad makes a traditional call to ports around Ireland when at sea due to the significant connection the two countries share in Irish-born Admiral William Brown, who emigrated to Argentina as a young man and was integral in Argentina’s war for independence from Spain in the early 19th century. Admiral Brown from Foxford, County Mayo became the first naturalised Irish Admiral when the Argentine navy was in its infancy.


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Image credits: Kim Mullahey, Wikipedia