Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 S/S: Cosplay Looks, Feminine Fantasy and Virtuoso Tailoring with Linked Videos

Tokyo horizontal from video Seivson 9-22 (2) cropped.JPG

Really for fabulous fashion? There are no basics here. Let’s explore the artistry and creativity that define Toyko Fashion Week.

Tokyo horizontal from video Seivson 9-22 (2) cropped.JPG

Renaissance inspired fantasy dressing from Taiwanese Seivson brand. Image captured from the Youtube video.

Tokyo Seivson beige layed top (2) cropped.jpg

Tzu Chin Shen is the talented designer of Seivson. Layers of intricate tailoring and irreverent fashion concepts define the label.

Tokyo Seivson navy dress 8-22 (2) Hobble skirt cropped.jpg

Stunning balloon sleeved jacket coordinated with maxi length straight skirt, possibly based on the hobble skirt, which was popular between 1908 and 1914. As the hobble skirt impeded a women’s stride, is the designer making a statement toward women’s rights? Seivson.

Tokyo Seivson leather 8-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Seivson. Ruched leather jacket coordinated with skillfully crafted suit.

Tokyo Seivson beige trnch coat 8-22 (2) hobble cropped.jpg

Seivson version of a contemporary scalloped trench coat.

Tokyo Houga pink polka dots 8-22.jpg

Dramatic draped polka dot ruffles. Magenta continues to perform into 2023. Visionary designer Moe Ishida established her RTW brand Houga in 2018.

Tokyo Houga silver 8-22.jpg

Metallic maiden. Houga.

Tokyo Houga royal blue gingham 8-22.jpg

“Little House on the Prairie” goes contemporary Japanese with a gingham tiered skirt. Houga.

Tokyo Houga pk blk ruffles. 8-22.jpg

Mini magenta bloomers and ankle length ruffles. How can you resist? Houga.

Tokyo Houga grey 8-22.jpg

Paired down with a touch of tulle. Houga.

Tokyo Houga pale pink w blk 8-22.jpg

Houga. Translucent pink trousers and overskirt accented in black tulle creates a striking ensemble. Watch the lovely runway show here.

Tokyo Keiichiro Sense colorful mens 8-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Keiichiro Sense brand by designer Keiichiro Yuri. Futuristic ensemble to celebrate the future of fashion.

Tokyo Keiichiro Sense back colorful 8-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Look amazing coming or going. Keiichiro Sense.

Tokyo Keiichiro sense fab bags 8-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Glorious leather trimmed bags by Keiichiro Sense.

Tokyo Keiichiro Sense blk future 8-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Originally based on Japanese anime, this cosplay styled industrial ensemble is a type of performance art. Keiichiro Sense.

Tokyo Keiichiro Sense blk back 8-22 (2) cropped.jpg

While the entire ensemble may be a tad avant-garde for you, find the elements that you just might love to wear. Check out the leggings with silver detailing that give the impression of circuits on a Motherboard. By Keiichiro Sense. Watch the entire runway show here on Youtube.

Tokyo Keiichiro Sense wedding 8-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Keiichiro Sense. Here comes the futuristic bride.

Tokyo meg miura long multi coat.jpg

Spirited outerwear brand Megmiura for men and women. Bold colors, attention grabbing cuts and a confident attitude take this label to the next level.

Tokyo Meg Miura silve jkt.jpg

Megmiura. Cropped silver jacket with ruched and gathered balloon sleeves.

Tokyo Meg Miura outerwear jkt.jpg

Megmiura. Rain slicker with updated toggles.

Tokyo meg miura orange w stripe.jpg

Orange parachute vest and trousers with bold nautical stripe jacket. Megmiura.

Tokyo meg miura toggle coat.jpg

For men and women, outerwear that rocks. Megmiura.

Tokyo meg miura color trench.jpg

Color blocking for a must-have trench. Megmiura.

Tokyo meg Miura rain coat multi.jpg

Let it rain! Megmiura. Watch the runway show here.

Tokyo Ezumi brown slirt 8-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Sophisticated tailoring and modern silhouettes. Ezumi brand.

Tokyo Ezumi silver grey jkt.jpg

Sleek double breasted silver jacket with black trousers by Ezumi.

Tokyo Ezumi blk wht.jpg

Striking flowing top with long swinging panels, Ezumi.

Tokyo Ezumi wht dress.jpg

Delicate peplum puff sleeve top over an asymmetric fringed skirt. Ezumi.

Tokyo Ezumi peplum dress.jpg

Full peplum top with midi length skirt creates sophisticated elegance. Ezumi.

Tokyo Ezumi ruched top w skirt.jpg

Flattering smocked blouse coordinated with hanky hem pleated skirt, trimmed in navy blue lace. Award winning designer Yasutoshi Ezumi graduated from the Central Saint Martins art school in London, England and has worked as an assistant for Alexander McQueen, among many other distinctions. He launched his Ezumi fashion brand in 2010. Watch his 2023 Spring/Summer runway show here.

Tokyo ablank page neon green.jpg

Ablankpage brand is a unisex label featuring cutting edge gender neutral apparel.

Tokyo ablank apge skirt with wht hood.jpg

A color dyed tiered skirt with a confining tied top. Ablankpage. Designer Larprojpaiboon Phoovadej, born in Bangkok, Thailand has won a number of major fashion awards, including the 56th National Fashion Design Contest, International Award, 93rd Soen Award, and the 2020 LVMH DARE Tokyo in 2022.

Tokyo ablankpage mens t-shirt.jpg

Bold imagery is a cornerstone of the Ablankpage brand.

Tokyo ablankpage mens wide trousers.jpg

Wide denims for men and women are definitely uptrending. Ablankpage.

Tokyo ablankpage yellow vintl boa.jpg

A wrap, a colorful boa or a cozy take-along pillow? Ablankpage.

Tokyo ablank page wht tied mens.jpg

Ruched, tiered and tied, this ensemble is all about texture. Ablankpage.

Tokyo ablank age gret trench.jpg

Ablankpage. This smashing grey coat could work with anything in your wardrobe.

Tokyo Musketeer collar a blank page.jpg

At last! The swashbuckling Musketeer collar is back! Want more? Watch the Ablankpage Youtube runway video here.

Tokyo Chono 2 models.jpg

Lady like apparel by Wataru Nakazono, designer of the Chono brand was winner of the 2018 Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix.

Tokyo Chono southern belle w hat.jpg

Gingham and lace with a Southern Belle vibe. Chono brand.

Tokyo Chono jkt w sheer.jpg

Sweet combination of florals and lace. Chono.

Tokyo Chono lavendar.jpg

Chono. Dusty lavender patch pocket jacket with coordinating lace skirt. Simply charming. Watch the Youtube video to see all the summery runway looks.

Tokyo Lever red.jpg

The lady in red. Lever Couture crafts bespoke formal wear for special occasions when all eyes need to be on you. Lever Couture.

Tokyo lever gold.jpg

Wrapped in precious silver and gold. Lever Couture.

Tokyo lever fushia.jpg

Rich fuchsia gown makes a diaphanous entrance. Lever Couture.

Tokyo baby ble glown.jpg

Baby blue one shoulder gown seems to shimmer. Lever Couture.

Tokyo lever cream champagne.jpg

A golden goddess gown by Lever Couture.

Tokyo lever pink.jpg

Wrapped in the prettiest of pinks. Lever Couture.

Tokyo lever close up silver mist.jpg

Shining pewter fabric is molded to create figure hugging clouds that seem to embrace the model. Lever Couture.

Tokyo Lever end of show 4 models (2) cropped.jpg

Ukrainian fashion designer Lessja Verlingieri is the visionary creative director of Lever Couture. She crafts fantasies of bespoke apparel for her devoted clientele. Watch her breathtaking runway show here.