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The popularity of Korean skincare keeps arising worldwide, the impact has been so big that we even have the term “K-Beauty”. K-Beauty is all about 3 things:

  • Prevention,
  • Non-stop innovation
  • Using ingredients from nature

The very famous ‘snail mucus’ snail filtrate, contains Allantoin, Proteins to improve smoothness, acids & enzymatic properties. K Beauty focuses on getting that ‘porcelain, glass look’ aiming for a dewy, brightened skin.

Storyderm is bringing to Ireland’s salon and skin clinics, Korea’s latest trends:

  1. 7 Skins Aquas
  2. Home jelly masks
  3. Refined diamond powder peel
  4. 99.9% gold needle spicules
  5. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
  6. 10 step routine to beauty

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